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Fun Things To Do In Victoria At Night: Trivia Nights Every Wednesday Night

Fun Things to Do in Victoria at Night: Trivia Nights Every Wednesday Night

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Victoria at night on a Wednesday, look no further than House Trivia nights at Taphouse.

Sixty Watt Trivia is joining forces with Yates Street Taphouse and Driftwood Brewery to bring you “House Trivia.” Come test your inner Cliff Clavin, Wilson or Sheldon against 3 rounds of random and obscure trivia while enjoying a few pints of delicious beer.

When Will We Be Required to Use Our Brains While Drinking Beer?

Every Wednesday night from 7:30pm to 10:30pm.

Where Will All the Smart People Be?

At Yates Street Taphouse Bar & Grill located at 759 Yates Street.

Who Should I Bring with Me?

Come by yourself, or better yet, gather a team of smarty-pants friends and coworkers. Now’s the time to round up the Sheldons and Cliff Clavens you know for a few rounds of team play.

What Kind of IQ Will I be Exercising?

Not quite as cognitively-taxing as Jeopardy, House Trivia will be testing your mental database for obscure and random knowledge on subjects pertaining to pop culture, music, tv, movies, sports and so on. To get an idea of what kinds of questions your noodle will be up against, here’s a few examples of questions from past House Trivia nights:

  1. What name was given to the recreational water gun created by NERF?
  2. Who was a psychologist at Gotham City’s Arkham Asylum when she met her accomplice and lover?
  3. What are Siskel and Ebert’s first names?
  4. Eddie Murphy had a one hit wonder with what song?
  5. Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence all starred in what 2013 film?

What Can I Win?

House Trivia champions will be awarded with Yates Street Taphouse Gift Cards!

So, when you’re looking for fun things to do in Victoria at night, check out all the weekly events we host at Yates Street Taphouse Bar & Grill and come play House Trivia every Wednesday night at 7:30pm.



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