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The Best Pub In Victoria For A Party: 5 Reasons

The Best Pub in Victoria for a Party: 5 Reasons

The Best Pub in Victoria for a Party: 5 Reasons to Host Your Next Event at Yates Street Taphouse

Life as an adult can get pretty routine and serious. So, anytime there’s a justification to cut loose and celebrate, you should by all means take it. Even if you feel reluctant to go out and socialize after another hard week, if you do decide to make time for fun, you’ll most certainly be glad you did. Consider that we humans reap real physical and cognitive health benefits when we socialize with others.

Birthdays, anniversaries, crushing sales targets at work, a new arrival, an engagement, retirement, an upcoming move, or sports team wins are just a few common examples of life occurrences that warrant celebrating with friends. And Yates Street Taphouse is the perfect place to do just that.

Before you start thinking of throwing your next shindig at home or at a restaurant, think Yates Street Taphouse instead—You’ll be glad you did. Here’s 5 reasons why:

#1 Save Yourself from The Toil of Pre and Post-Party Cleaning:

What’s the first thing most people do in the days approaching a party they’re hosting at home? Clean! Clean like you have O.C.D. and you’re trying to cover up a crime scene. Besides being a crappy way to spend a few hours of your precious life, cleaning takes energy that you could be saving for breaking out your best dance moves on party night.

And then there’s the post-party cleanup: Even if you’re hosting the poshest, tamest crowd, parties create a mess—there’s no way around it: 10 to 20 or more people traipsing through your home, using your kitchen, washroom, glassware, fridge, blender, barbeque and furniture results in more cleaning to be done the next day, pending you wake up in decent shape to clean again.

Put down the Windex and get ready to party: When you host your party at Yates Street Taphouse, you and your friends arrive to an atmosphere that’s ready for accommodating good times. We take care of the food prep, the furnishings, the dishes and the clean up so you can party as late and spend the following day relaxing instead of cleaning.

#2 Accommodating Guests’ Food Preferences:

When you’re hosting a gathering, you’re almost guaranteed to run into issues with guests having food allergies, specific food preferences, or dietary restrictions. So, unless you’re up to making something to accommodate Kevin’s new keto-craze, Barb’s veganism, and Derrick’s gluten free, paleo lifestyle (and having to suffer through hearing all about it) holding your event at the best pub in Victoria for a party—the Yates Street Taphouse, is the easiest choice by far.

#3 No BYOB – Taphouse Comes with a Professional Bartender:

Inviting guests to a party where they can come as they are without having to bring a dish or make a stop at the liquor store makes things a lot easier for your guests and means you don’t have to pick up ice, make room in your fridge for their beer and coolers or give everyone access to your blender to make margaritas. Your kitchen won’t look like it just hosted a frat party and you won’t have to worry about your “spirited” friend Jim making everyone vodka and sodas with 3 parts Vodka.

#4 You Get to Relax and Enjoy Your Party Too:

Take a break from playing host/hostess: When you’re hosting a party at your place, you’re often running around refreshing everyone’s drinks, making sure the snack bowls are topped up, and showing guests around-while covertly clearing away empties and cleaning up spills.

Remember what fun feels like? Hosting your party at Taphouse means you get to kick back just as much as your guests do and enjoy the whole point of celebrating in the first place. Sip, snack and socialize to your heart’s content without worrying about the food, drinks or condition of your home.

#5 Arriving, Lingering and Leaving Isn’t an Issue:

Hosting your party at home can often mean: limited parking, nosey neighbors knocking on your door about even the slightest bit of noise and wrapping up the party when you’re ready for everyone to leave so you don’t have to “eyes-open-sleep-while-standing.”

Partying at a restaurant has its own challenges: Your guests may feel compelled to order entrees when they’d prefer just a drink or a light snack, and most restaurants are keen for your party to move along once dessert is finished.

It’s hard to socialize with your friends in a nightclub without losing your voices: While the atmosphere at Yates Street Taphouse is perfect for partying, it isn’t so loud that you’ll have to yell at your guests. And our downtown location means you and your guests are close to the nearby dance clubs should you feel like shaking a tailfeather.

Yates Street Taphouse is the best pub in Victoria for a party because: we can comfortably accommodate your guests and their preferences. We have everything from soups, salads, appetizers, and pubfare to pizza and shareplatesburgers and sandwiches and hearty entrees. Our delicious Late Night Menu, wine, cocktails and over 40 beers on tap will keep your party guests fueled into the wee hours. And we don’t charge cover or an event-space fee!

Your party can stay as long as they like: shoot a game of pool, enjoy live music by our guest DJ’s every Friday and Saturday night, or watch whatever game is airing on our 25 screens. Located in the heart of downtown Victoria and open late (open until 1am Sundays through Thursdays, and 2am Fridays and Saturdays) Yates Street Taphouse is the best pub in Victoria for a party whether your group is a small, quiet crew, or a large, energetic gathering.

Life is short, don’t lose it to the grind. Find a reason to celebrate and make it happen!

Call us today to make reservations for your next event at the best pub in Victoria for a party: Yates Street Taphouse (250) 590 5253

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