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We’re One Of The Best Pubs In Victoria To Meet Someone: Here’s How To Nail The Approach (Without Being Cheesy Or Cliché)

We’re One of the Best Pubs in Victoria to Meet Someone: Here’s How to Nail the Approach (Without Being Cheesy or Cliché)

It’s happening. You’re glancing over the rim of your beer and see someone at the end of the bar. Your heart starts pounding, hands start sweating, you can’t hear what your friend is saying, something about a goat you think, it doesn’t matter. You’re looking at the most wonderful person you’ve ever seen. And they don’t even have a ring. This is it, time to make your move–are you ready?

We see this all the time at Yates Street Taphouse Bar & Grill. We’re one of the best pubs in Victoria to meet someone! If you’re going in without backup, take a few of our pointers to drastically improve your odds. A few simple tips can mean the difference between a heart-wrenching blowout and maybe a white picket fence with a minivan and three kids whose names all rhyme.

#1 Take it Easy on the Suds

We know, our beer is insane. And the wine. And some of the best mixed drinks you’ll find in BC. We attract a good local crowd, which makes us one of the best pubs in Victoria to meet someone. That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to get too reliant on the “ol’ liquid courage.” A good drink can loosen you up, but more than that and you risk coming across as a hot mess instead of charming. Save that for later.

#2 Make the First Move

Thinking your prince or princess charming is going to read your mind and gallop by to sweep you off your feet? Probably not. Worse, if they dig you as much as you dig them, they’re probably already terrified at the prospect of making an approach anyway. Throw caution to the wind and walk over to start a conversation (it doesn’t even need to be good, seriously). You’re letting them off the hook, getting those feel-good “thank heavens I didn’t have to do that” chemicals flowing. Plus, you must be courageous, right? Even if that’s not true, by stepping up you’re already 90% of the way there.

#3 Be Sociable with the Friends

It’s kind of awkward when someone you don’t know comes up to hone in on one of your friends and ignores the rest of you. Show you’re the kind of person worth getting to know by having some fun with the whole group. Even better, if you’ve got back-up in the wings, it’s easy to turn two parties into one (and it takes the pressure off!).

#4 Pick-up Lines Aren’t a Thing Anymore

Really. These went the way of the Model T, the Dodo, and the housing market. Just don’t. Maybe if you excel in dry humour you can pull it off as being “ironic,” but honestly, just saying “hi, my name is (this is where you say your name)” tends to work much better than trying to resurrect the dead via pickup lines.

#5 Now Might Not be the Best Time

This one’s tough–you don’t want them to get away, right? That being said, you’ve got a better chance of trying the next time you see them than risking a run in when you aren’t in the right headspace. Maybe you’re having a drink after a bad day. Maybe you’re sobbing into your pint over a fresh breakup. Maybe you’re having too much fun and springing your effervescent energy on an unsuspecting patron after a night of partying is a bad idea. In either case, remember that there’s few things more important than a first impression, and pulling the trigger at the wrong time is a surefire recipe for disappointment.

There you have it, five of the best tips from our veteran bartenders. If it didn’t work out, don’t beat yourself up–there’s a lot of people on this planet, and you’re bound to dig through a lot of duds looking for the diamond. Plus, you’re awesome, we all know it, so that’s probably not someone you’d want to get to know anyway. Pat yourself on the back for having more courage than most, and treat yourself to some fine food and another fantastic drink at Yates Street Taphouse. You earned it!

And if it did work out… you’re probably not reading this right now. Nice work.

Find Out for Yourself What Makes Us One of the Best Pubs in Victoria to Meet Someone

Located downtown Victoria, serving great food, mixing mean drinks, featuring over 40 beers on tap and boasting a great atmosphere for “schmoozing” are all elements that make Yates Street Taphouse a favourite hotspot and hangout for locals. We attract a good crowd of great people. And this is what makes us one of the best pubs in Victoria to meet someone.

And the fun isn’t just limited to the weekends. Check out our rotation of weekly events such as Music Bingo, Back to The Future 80s and 90s and House Trivia nights.

And if you’re a big sports fan, you can rely on us to have all the big games broadcasted on our 25 screens throughout the pub.

So, if you’re looking for a great place to grab a beer after work, meet up with some friends for food and drinks, or potentially meet someone new, come on down to Yates Street Taphouse and discover why our house rules!

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