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8 Epic Staff Christmas Party Ideas For Businesses In Victoria, BC

8 Epic Staff Christmas Party Ideas for Businesses in Victoria, BC

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8 Epic Staff Christmas Party Ideas for Businesses in Victoria, BC

Christmas is fast approaching, and you want to throw a staff party that your employees will actually want to attend. If you want to have an epic holiday bash that they’ll be talking about long after the holiday season is over, consider one of these staff Christmas party ideas:

Idea #1 Go on an Adventure in an Escape Room

There’s nothing quite like team-building as you work together to figure out the clues that will enable you to escape a locked room. You’ll get to check out hints, learn how to solve problems together, and learn things about your coworkers that you never realized before. It’s a fun and engaging atmosphere that’s sure to be a real treat for your employees. Choose your adventure at Victoria Escape Games, and make sure you make reservations in advance. Being as your team is sure to work up an appetite, end the evening over some brews, snacks and laughs at the nearby Yates Street Taphouse.

Idea #2 Have a Breakfast Party in the Office

The holiday season is a busy time for you and your employees. Especially for those who have large families and children. Instead of hosting an evening party that may conflict with other events in their holiday schedule, why not host a holiday brunch? You could even end the event by giving your staff the rest of the workday off to catch up on their holiday shopping. Some of the best holiday parties are when you let everyone kick back and relax at a time when they would normally be working, offering them the chance to really enjoy their party time.

Idea #3 Make it a Pool Party or Games Night

Your employees will get a kick out of hours spent challenging one another to a casual game of pool, poker, beer-pong, retro board games, video games or your own holiday trivia over great finger-foods and cocktails. Identify what kind of games would prove most engaging for your staff, and consider creating game stations if your team is large and diverse.

Idea #4 Go to a Murder Mystery Dinner

Whether it’s murder on a train or on a riverboat, your employees will enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out who committed the murder. Kick back, relax, and laugh together as you try to discover more clues and listen to the show.

Idea #5 Host an Ugly Sweater Party

It’s easier than ever to find an ugly Christmas sweater without spending a fortune to dress up. And staff arriving to your party wearing intentionally ridiculous attire is a sure-fire ice-breaker. This idea is easy to incorporate into a holiday brunch, dinner or pub night.

Idea #6 Have a Masquerade Ball

Instead of leaving the dress code up in the air while everyone tries to decide how they’re expected to dress, host a masquerade ball! Invite everyone to come in their favorite masks complete with fancy attire. Let the drinks flow and keep the music playing!

Idea #7 Host a Santa’s Workshop Party

Instead of focusing on expensive food and offering employees items that they don’t really want or intend to use, try taking them to “Santa’s Workshop” for the evening and inviting them to give back to the community. Offer simple finger foods and fun desserts while providing your employees with the chance to bring in gifts for needy children throughout the community, have a silent auction to raise donations for a local charity, or volunteer as a group at your local soup kitchen.

Idea #8 Pub Night Scavenger Hunt

This staff Christmas party idea is super easy to coordinate in a pinch and can be tailored to wherever your party is hosted. Hosting a scavenger hunt from a location such as the Yates Street Taphouse gives your party lots of downtown landmarks and neighboring businesses–not to mention inside the pub itself–to complete random scavenger-hunt tasks such as: find 3 bottle caps of local brews, take a picture in front of a Christmas tree, find 3 take-out menus, collect 3 different socks from strangers, stand up and sing a carol, use your craziest dance moves to move from one side of the pub to the other, and convince someone wearing something red to do 1 shot with you etc… You can get as quirky and as creative as you want to, awarding the winner(s) with various prizes and gift cards.

Coming up with ideas for an epic holiday party for your company doesn’t have to be a chore. These eight fun and unique staff Christmas party ideas will help make this year’s holiday party one to remember. Whether you choose a theme that will have everyone laughing until the wee hours of the morning, or the opportunity to give back to your community, you’ll find that going the extra mile for your staff Christmas party is an excellent way to bring your employees closer together.

Consider booking your staff Christmas party at the Yates Street Taphouse. Here, you’ll find a great atmosphere where you can enjoy a wide range of foods and beverages, good music, and a great downtown location. Call us at (250) 590-0423 to make your reservation today.


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