We are located in what once was the oldest continuously operating hotel in British Columbia – a location that boasts a long and honorable history in the service industry. This Victoria pub has provided comfort, companionship, and cold pints to miners and tourists dating back to 1862. It was a place where you could get a good meal, share a laugh, and rest your weary bones after a long hard day.

We’re pleased to say that things haven’t changed much here in the last hundred and fifty years. Although the wooden floors and canvas walls have been replaced with brick, stone, and leather, the philosophy and values remain the same.

We believe in the value of good food and good company. We think that a hard day’s work deserves a good pint with close friends, that a good meal should leave you feeling full, and that you should still have
enough money left over to go to a movie or buy another round. We believe that family comes first, friends a close second, and that it’s better to buy local for a whole lot of reasons.

We’re thrilled to champion the great traditions started here so many years ago, and hope to be doing so a hundred and fifty years from now.

Welcome to the Taphouse, and please keep coming back.

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759 Yates Street, Victoria BC

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